Nike Sportswear x DJ CLark Kent x Starks ALL STAR AIR FORCE ONE March 17th, 2009

Starks worked on a project with Nike’s Jesse Levya and DJ Clark Kent. The collaboration was for the 2009 All Star Game in February. We did the: laces, Dubraes (lace locks), and the insoles for both shoes and also for a Hyper Strike that won’t be available to the public for sale, but gifted to special guests and athletes attending the 2009 All Star Game.

Here is a question out of an interview we did with Nike on the sneakers…
“When you were tasked to create something to commemorate the all star games, what were the details/elements you were most eager to incorporate?”
Starks: “We were eager to incorporate the East vs West element of the All Star game into the sneakers branding. Being able to give the classic Nike logo a face lift and replacing the “Air” in the logo, with East and West in Old English typeface, we were thrilled about. Using East on the right foot’s insole and dubrae and West on the left’s foot insole and dubrae is symbolic for the right coast, (which is the east) and the left coast, (which is of course the West.) The juxtaposition of the Old English typography, with the classic Nike logo, has a progressive mashup. Also a nod to Easy-E’s Compton hat (RIP,) Old English has always been associated with the west and tat culture. It just worked so well for us.”

Here is a link to the Nike Sportswear Page where you can read all about the two different Air Force Ones that we worked on, for a Tier 0 and Quickstrike release a month ago.